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Karan Karla Aron is an award-winning artist and composer/pianist originally from Little Rock, Arkansas. Her visual style is romantic and expressive and is loosely informed by experiences and culture from her native South.

Her paintings have been exhibited in juried shows at  The Lincoln Center, Fort Collins, Colorado, The Fort Collins Museum of Art, The University of Wyoming Art Museum, Laramie, WY, and The Governor's Capital Art Exhibition, Cheyenne, WY. Her paintings are held in private collections throughout the United States, Canada and France, and in public collections in Wyoming.

Her bird family paintings have been in distribution by Pier 1 Imports and other home decor stores since 2014.  

She is currently a performing artist in residence with Charlotte Street Foundation in Kansas City where she is writing her first musical. 


Artist Statement: 

In my work whether it is visual or aural, I am most often exploring my own inner world and emotions. Themes of love and desire are key players whether I am painting in my studio or composing at the piano. I love the physicality of making marks on paper or a canvas, it feels very kindred to the way I approach playing the piano. My visual language often includes figures or the suggestion of a figure. I have also used the imagery of a very feminine dress to speak in a visual way about feelings like longing and desire.