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Drenched In Pink (2018)

40" x 30" x 1-3/8" Acrylic on stretched canvas. 2018

To let go and feel free to be me is a theme that I've been grappling with as far back as I can remember. Doing things that feel risky to me might be as small as approaching a stranger to as large as leading a flash mob dance (true story), but they always excite me and make me feel alive. And isn't that what life's supposed to feel like? Aliveness? I was after that in this painting. Feeling alive or stepping out of one's comfort zone doesn't have to be shocking or in anyone's face, just like the soft sheer layers upon layers of pink in this painting. They dance as soft and tender, or as crazy-ass wild as they want to, but with a kind of grace, too. I think there's always room for grace in everything. 

Includes Certificate of Authenticity. 

Description: Abstract. Layers upon layers of sheer pink dance with each other letting peeks of dark dark blues, charcoal and almost black some through from underneath.  

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Drenched In Pink ©2018 Karan Karla Aron. All rights to image reserved. Purchase of original painting does not convey rights to image.   

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