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You Call That Sweet Talk? (2018)

40" x 30" x 1-3/8" Acrylic on stretched canvas. (2018)

Can you relate? Words can be tricky little devils. Get one or two out of line, and next thing you know you're on the couch with one of the "bad pillows" and a scratchy blanket. Experts recommend keeping the lines of communication open, and discuss concerns before said concerns rise to the level of an actual issue...uh huh.

Description: Monochromatic shades of denim blues, pale grey, creams and white. Painted with nary a brush, but with fingers and hands and lots of flowy paint.


Includes Certificate of Authenticity. Ready to hang.

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You Call That Sweet Talk? ©2018 Karan Karla Aron. All rights to image reserved. Purchase of original painting does not convey rights to image.   

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