Dear Heart No. 1

From our stay at the lovely Hotel La Maison De Lucie in Honfleur, France pre-pandemic

Dear heart - I will get right to the point because it’s late here, and because you have your work to do there. I want you to know that whenever you feel that you “won’t make it” or when you feel you’re “losing traction, or failing to make traction” in what you desire so badly. Take heart. Lay your antlers down and rest. Leave your devices in the other room, and be still as you look out at your world that is all around you.

I wrote those words to myself as a reminder that I don’t have to go full bore. It seems I have a certain amount of mental and physical energy each day, and pushing myself when I’m drained doesn't typically get me very far.

The pushing is coming because of a group show I’ve been invited into, and because I am also painting new ideas, and also recording solo piano music in the cracks. It’s a lot.

So I thought it would be a good reminder that slow and steady wins the race. Consistency is the most important ingredient in your success. Keep showing up, absolutely, just don’t do all the showing up in the first week.

Bises !

Photo: From our stay at the lovely Hotel La Maison De Lucie in Honfleur, France.. pre-pandemic, of course. :)

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  • Very romantic and love is H&M’s aka the cats meow. 🐾🐾

    Theresa Tull Shillcutt

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