When You Don't Feel Like Creating, Part 1

Wouldn't it be nice to be in the mood more often?

Take that however you like. :)

But seriously, being in the mood to make stuff just makes it a lot easier.

Almost all my favorite songs came on fast and hard. There've been times I've had to pull off the road just to get a voice memo into my phone so I can keep track of a melodic idea or lyric. 

I've experienced a similar scenario with making art. Seems my best paintings were made when I was on fire to make them. 

Of course showing up when I don't feel particularly inspired is good for my practice, too. Practicing the craft is important. It builds my technique and keeps me thinking about my work. So, it's all good really.

But what do you do when you're really in a slump and not getting any bursts of inspiration? 

I bring this up because I was in that very place for the last three years. I'm not exaggerating. I essentially quit my art and music both. I had short moments where I'd create, but for the most part I was not pursuing my dreams.

Instead I was wrestling with moving three times in four years. And I took on a major house renovation after having just moved in. We lived in the house while taking on major renovation of the place that lasted close to 2 years.

Living that way with no routine other than, "do we have any workers coming today?" took its toll on me both physically and mentally. My eating went haywire. I'm a pretty healthy eater overall, but I have a sweet tooth. And sweets became a go-to for my stress, and then of course I gained weight. I was so out of balance in my physical body because I couldn't establish routines with workers in and out of the house, and I just wasn't managing my stress in a healthy manner.

That will interrupt an art practice real fast.

I also underestimated the breadth of my stress. Stress doesn't always come right out and tell me, "hey, you're stressed!". It wasn't until we'd finished and sold the house that it started to sink in just how much I had been suffering.

Now fast forward to today. 

I am in a new home. It's peaceful here. The rooms in this house aren't styled like I want yet, but things are relatively in place. And there are no remodels or reno projects are on the horizon. What a relief! And I've been slowly but steadily getting back to creating and working toward my dreams.

Up until about a month ago, though I still had no inspiration.

Where was my mojo?

I was concerned about this because I'd always been able to stir it up. Most of the time it would come when called. I pondered this and remembered the times when I did have mojo--what was different to today? Well.. those times when I'm dancing in the living room by myself were always linked to me feeling great in my physical body.

Ahhh yes.. I still had the extra weight and wasn't eating as clean as I wanted.

So, here's what I'm doing...

I've been going really clean with my diet.

Not a diet diet {those are not permanent imo}. No, I mostly have taken the "adding-in" approach. I've been starting the day with the green goodness, as my sister calls it. hehe I have a green smoothie with lots of spinach and celery and some fruit. Then I go for a salad later in the day with whatever else is on the menu. That makes less room for junk.

I also stopped drinking milk. I'm dairy free two weeks and counting! {okay, I had one slip with a bit of whipped cream, but otherwise clean!}. Let me just say, I'm not trying to be dietarily in vogue by quitting dairy. I quit it because my body is so much happier without it. Again, like stress, I didn’t realize how dairy was affecting me until I stopped having it. Plus, I FINALLY found a milk substitute that I actually like quite a lot, so I can still have a yummy chai latte. 

No question having the extra weight was dragging me down in every way. Now that I'm slowly shedding that, my energy is starting to SOAR! Can you tell? :) And for the past couple of weeks I’ve been creating like crazy. I’m writing music again, which is what I’ve been missing most of all. No doubt there’s an unmistakable correlation between what I eat and what I produce. 

I hope there's a nugget of inspiration in this that you can use. I thank you for reading and for being here. I’m honored by it.

I’m off to shop for Thursday’s meal. Can you believe it’s almost time to binge watch Christmas movies? I’m so excited for that. Lol 

Wishing you lots of mojo and inspo and creative energy! Until next time...

Bises !




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