Ways I conquer fear in art making

The more self-awareness work I do, the more I am recognizing that fear is what is stopping me from doing xyz.

I have fears around doing the Mastery Program because the first 1/3 of the program is very academic. It's learning to draw and oil paint in proportion, attempting realism--to make it look like the person you're drawing. It's technical, and doesn't even feel like art to me. It's like paint by numbers. 

That freaks me out! I get so worried that I'm losing touch with emotive painting and drawing that I have always done.

So, this fear can make me slow down on doing the lessons. Not consciously, it's behind the scenes in my mind, but it's pulling the strings more than I realize.

Dang you, fear! 

So.. what to do?

Today's warm-up drawing exercise in charcoal. The proportions are off, and I decided to just let that be and see if I could enjoy the feel of the charcoal. 

Yes, I can feel that!

And now I can see it in the marks. Some hints of me emerging. This makes me feel safe again, and like everything is o.k.

Tomorrow is Monday, what are you looking forward to this week? What's one thing you can do that will make you feel excited about life? I'm going to start a painting that isn't in my course, and just let the feelings run loose! 

Until next time.. believe in yourself and keep going!

xo Karla

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